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NIRSPEC is a near-infrared cross-dispersed echelle grating spectrometer destined to operate at the Nasmyth focus on Keck II. It will feature a 1024² InSb detector array and provide spectroscopy at resolutions of R=2,000 or 25,000 over the 1-5 µm wavelength range. NIRSPEC is designed to study very high redshift radio galaxies, the motions and types of stars located near the Galactic Center, as well as the nuclear regions of dusty starburst galaxies, active galactic nuclei, interstellar chemistry, stellar physics and solar-system science.

  • Principal Investigator: Ian McLean (UCLA)
  • CARA Contact: Tom Bida
  • Projected arrival: March 1999
  • Projected availability: Semester 2000A

First Light Images!!!

List of NIRSPEC Publications (on Harry Teplitz's Site)

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