Software Pakages

NIRSPEC uses the following software packages.  Additional information can be obtained by referring to the User's Manual Page.  Clicking on the name of the package will link you to its particular User's Manual:

Server Applications

Low-Level Assembly Code:  This code, written in OCCAM, controls the communication and response of the transputers.

Keyword Server:  Written in C, this KTL based RPC package is the main server for NIRSPEC.

Graphical User Interfaces

Echelle Format Simulator:  This IDL interface allows the user to set up the instrument, such as filter, slit, and grating angles, and to see which parts of the echellogram will be projected on to the chip respective to the setup.  By adjusting settings as necessary, the user can foresee what he/she is going to get in the resulting exposure. 
Dataviews Client: This interface provides the user with low level access to NIRSPEC's mechanisms and settings.  All of NIRSPEC's capabilities can be accessed via the Dataviews Client. 
Imrot (Image Rotator Client):  This IDL interface gives the user the ability to determine and set the image rotator configuration to optimize the exposure. 

Quicklook:  This IDL program is a complete data analysis package.  It reads in images in the form of FITS files, and provides the user with analytical information, such as pixel values, mean pixel value, and horizontal and vertical cut plotting, as well as image manipulation, such as subtraction and division of two images. 
Data Reduction Pipeline:  The DRP is a realtime reduction of the echellograms taken with NIRSPEC.  It corrects the orders of the echellogram creates a reduced images, with wavelength information, and displays it in a special DRP-version of Quicklook.  This is all done immediately up completion of an exposure. 
Eavesdrop:  This IDL interface, useful to OA's, gives a general summary of the instrument's status.