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OSIRIS First Light Achieved!!!
February 22nd, 2005 ~10:00 PM PST

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*Preliminary* First Light Image. Captured from a Computer Screen.
*Preliminary* First Light Spectra. Captured from a Computer Screen.
First Light Team

Hawaii - Day 1

Keck Telescopes with Maui
The first crate arrives
Part of the OSIRIS car is craned up
Lowering the cart

Hawaii - Day 2

The rest of the cart is lowered into place...
...and is assembled.
After lunch, the dewar arrives!

Hawaii - Day 3

The completed cart is test fitted
The computers are installed
First team up the mountain

Hawaii - Day 4

The Dewar is craned up!
And maneuvered into position.
Safely on the cart.
Putting it all together

Relaxing during the weekend

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