Quicklook is an IDL application that displays data arrays for the NIRC2 software. It has several options that control how it is run but in its default mode with the instrument software, it opens one window for the 10242 frames. In this mode, it polls the NIRC2 server with the KIDL libraries every 0.3 seconds looking for a new frame to become available. The window individually monitors both the test and go keywords for the array. The image is then read from a temporary image file stored on disk and displayed on the screen. There are options to have a bias frame and/or flat field automatically used on the new image before displaying. There are several choices for automatic scaling of the image.

Quicklook has a wide variety of data analysis tools, including a circular photometry package, box statistics, horizontal and vertical cuts, surface plotting, gaussian fitting, and image arithmatic. The user can also select color palettes, log or linear plotting, zoom factor and display center.


Here is a screenshot from the very similar QUICKLOOK being used with NIRSPEC.


Last Updated: 9/14/99