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In June, 2015, FLITECAM took a
trip to the southern Hemisphere.

It was part of the New Zealand deployment of SOFIA, and used with two other instruments to image the Pluto Occultation on
June 30, 2015.

Through hard work and determination of so many, the mission was a resounding success.

These web pages document the mission photographically. But they are far from all-inclusive.

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Chris Johnson
UCLA Infrared Lab

Day Six - Testing

I didn't take any pictures at all during the day. There was a lot of work getting FLITECAM up and running on SOFIA. After everything was finished, I hung out with Carla and Mike, the official NASA photographer and videographer. They're great people, fun to talk with, and were very patient with my I'm-sure-amateurish questions. Then the sun began to set...

SOFIA bathed in the golden glow of our nearest star.

The lights on the airport lightened, as did the sky.

The rain had ended the night before, but left its reflection for us to enjoy.