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In June, 2015, FLITECAM took a
trip to the southern Hemisphere.

It was part of the New Zealand deployment of SOFIA, and used with two other instruments to image the Pluto Occultation on
June 30, 2015.

Through hard work and determination of so many, the mission was a resounding success.

These web pages document the mission photographically. But they are far from all-inclusive.

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Chris Johnson
UCLA Infrared Lab

Day Ten - Boxing

After enjoying the weekend off, we were back to work on Monday to box up FLITECAM. First up is the counterweight rack. Our trusty forklift driver Eric again, with Ken directing the rack onto the pallet.

The rack is carefully tied down, and then wrapped in cellophane to protect it from moisture.

Ron and John help Ken get on the shipping crate sides and top. A little extra interior padding and it's ready to go!

Then the sides are placed around the science instrument.

A moisture barrier covers FLITECAM. It will be shipped back through Air New Zealand. While not supposed to be uncovered for long periods of time, there is always the possibility of a delay and some rain.

The top goes on and it's all boxed up. Eagle eyes will notice the FWD and AFT mismatch on the crate -- this was fixed a bit later!

Our pelican box pallet, containing tools and spares, is loaded and wrapped.

The PI rack and some additional equipment will go back to the USA on SOFIA itself.

Boxing crew: Chris, Ron, Ken, Sarah, and John (Photo Credit to Paul Alvarez).

Eric and Ken have time to smile.

Whereas Sarah is always smiling.

John and Ron, or just Ron-John. Thanks for all the hard work!