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March 2007 LGS AO results of Rest-Frame R-band Lightcurve from a z~1.3 Supernova accepted to AJ by Melbourne et al.

September 2006 CATS Predicted Public Data Release is scheduled for
   March 2007 - 15.9 Square Arcminutes Observed with NGS AO

August 2005 CATS group hosted an Extragalactic Workshop at UCSC investigating AO science results, observing strategies, PSF characterization issues, and AO limitations.

April 2005 Laser Guide Star AO results on the GOODS-S field published in ApJL by Melbourne et al. (See paper here).

September 2004 In collaboration with the Laser Guide Star team, we were able to take first ever AO images in the GOODS south deep field

August 2004 CATS team had two successful NGS nights with NIRC2 observing GEMS fields.

February 2004 CATS team observed the COSMOS field with NIRC2. Only a few observations obtained due to poor weather.

January 2004 CATS team observed GEMS and ACS fields. Only a few observations obtained due to high winds and poor weather.

November 2003 CATS team observed with the Subaru curvature-sensing AO system. Unfortunately the weather was cloudy and no useful science observations were obtained.

October 2003 CATS team completed first observing run, 4 half-nights with the NIRC2 AO camera at Keck.

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