GPI Cooldown 25

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Thanks to all the members of the GPI community for helping to get to this point.
Congratulations and good luck to GPI.

Cooling Rate per MinCooling Rate per HourCooling Rate per Day
GaugeGauge LocationColorCurrent Value5 min average60 min average5 min average60 min average60 min average
BLarge Titanium Detect-Head82.2K0.K-0.000183K0.K-0.0110K-0.264K
C1Center Bench Sensor74.9K-0.000400K-0.000100K-0.0240K-0.00600K-0.144K
C2Intermediate Block, CCR #170.9K-0.000400K-0.0000833K-0.0240K-0.00500K-0.120K
C3CCR Tip, CCR #263.7K0.00280K-0.0000333K0.168K-0.00200K-0.0480K
C4Intermediate Block, CCR #270.9K0.K-0.0000833K0.K-0.00500K-0.120K
D1CCR Tip, CCR #166.0K0.00220K0.0000333K0.132K0.00200K0.0480K
D2ASIC Cooling Strap78.5K-0.000200K-0.000133K-0.0120K-0.00800K-0.192K
D3Bench Sensor73.3K-0.000400K-0.0000833K-0.0240K-0.00500K-0.120K
D4Cold Shield77.9K0.K-0.0000167K0.K-0.000100K-0.0240K
G1Gauge 13.34e-6Torr4.00e-9Torr0.e+0Torr2.40e-7Torr0.e+0Torr
G2Gauge 27.62e-6Torr1.00e-9Torr0.e+0Torr6.00e-7Torr0.e+0Torr
CCRCCR #1 Readout68.9KMax: 180.00000
Min: 70.000000
Current: 180.00000
CCRCCR #2 Readout66.8KMax: 180.00000
Min: 70.000000
Current: 180.00000

GPI Other Status Information

Temperature graphs no longer display C3.