OSIRIS Data Reduction System Wiki

If you are an OSIRIS user please use this webpage to post comments and questions about reduction and analysis issues with OSIRIS.

The OSIRIS Manual contains information on installing and running the pipeline. This includes descriptions of all of the major modules and example reduction files.

Keck OSIRIS home page


OSIRIS v2.3 Manual

OSIRIS Preship Report

Reduction and Analysis


Please post bugs that you may encounter with the pipeline! Solutions are sometimes listed under them as well… :)

Pipeline Bugs - Last Updated March 2010

ODRFGUI Change Requests

Marshall's Changes - Pipeline v2.2 and beyond takes account these changes, besides the new filename program and his adjust bias changes. Although the newer adjust channels is much more robust.


Exposure Time Calculators

Public Data Release

Please share your darks frames, telluric star, standard star, and velocity template star observations for the general OSIRIS user.

Spectrograph Dark Frames

Imager Dark Frames

Spectrograph Telluric Stars

Spectrograph Standard Stars

Spectrograph Velocity Stars



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